Large Animal Care

Large Animal CareFor owners of large animals, we understand the importance of having a local, experienced large animal veterinarian close by. Riverdale Veterinary Clinic is available to provide veterinary care to your bovine or equine on-site.

In many instances, such as for vaccinations, examinations or when an animal is too ill or injured for transport, it is simply impractical to bring an animal to a veterinary hospital. We believe our clients and their animals are better served by a veterinarian that comes to them.

Additionally, performing farm calls provides us with the opportunity to observe conditions and help the owner and livestock perform at top levels of production.

Our large animal services include:

Wellness Examinations: Our equine and large animal wellness programs are designed to provide you with the confidence your animal is receiving the highest-quality preventive health care and a fundamental foundation for a long, healthy life. We recommend semi-annual preventive care appointments, which include a physical examination, vaccinations and de-worming. We view annual examinations as an opportunity to establish a baseline for your horse or cow’s health, as well as to detect problems before they become serious and expensive to treat.

Farm Calls: We perform individual animal and herd examinations as well as review conditions on the farm to help maximize production and decrease likelihood of disease and injury.

Vaccines: We are well versed in large animal vaccines that promote individual animal and herd health protection. Dr. JL will recommend which vaccines to administer based on each animal's individual circumstances. Common vaccines include Rabies, West Nile Virus, Eastern/Western Encephalitis, Tetanus, Rhinopneumonitis, and Influenza.

Illness Prevention: There are a number of contagious diseases prevalent in our area. We frequently see animals infected with West Nile Virus, Eastern and Western Encephalitis, and Rabies. We are fully capable at offering preventative care and, if possible, treatment options.

De-worming: We encourage a fecal egg count twice yearly to identify those horses that may have developed resistance to de-wormers. By targeting only those horses that need to be de-wormed, we can reduce de-worming frequency, thereby reducing parasite resistance.

Equine Dental Care: Professional dental examinations and cleanings are the best way to keep your horse's teeth and gums in optimal health. Strong teeth and health gums go a long way toward ensuring your horse can eat properly, maintain proper body weight and sustain good nutritional health. For this reason, we consider dental care an essential part of the preventive services we provide for your horse.

For more information about our equine and large animal veterinary services, please contact Riverdale Veterinary Clinic at (239) 834-0322.