Affordable Mobile Pet Vet Pricing

At Affordable Mobile Pet Vet, we offer a variety of preventative care packages designed to fit every pet's lifestyle and every pet owner's budget. Wellness examinations are included with all packages, and as always, all services are performed in the comfort of your own home.

A $40 exam fee and Trip fee may apply.

Please visit our Wellness Services page for more information about each vaccination and service we offer.

Puppy & Kitten Care Packages

Puppy Care Packages

  • DHPP vaccine and Pyrantel deworming: $35.00
  • DHPP and Bordatella vaccines plus Pyrantel deworming: $55.00
  • DHPP, Rabies and Leptospirosis vaccines plus Pyrantel deworming: $65.00
  • DHPP and Leptospirosis vaccines and Pyrantel deworming: $55.00

Kitten Care Packages

  • PUREVAX RCP vaccine plus deworming: $45.00
  • PUREVAX RCP and FELV vaccines plus deworming: $60.00
  • PUREVAX RCP, FELV and PUREVAX Rabies vaccines plus deworming: $75.00

For more on Puppy & Kitten Care, click here.

Preventative Care Packages

Adult Dog Care Package

Includes annual Rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvovirus and Bordetella vaccines, heartworm test and deworming


Complete Cat Care Package

Includes PUREVAX 1-year Rabies vaccine, PUREVAX FVRCP vaccine, PUREVAX FELV vaccine and deworming.


Basic Cat Care Package

Includes PUREVAX 1-year Rabies vaccine, PUREVAX FVRCP and deworming.


For more on Preventative Wellness Care, click here.

Individual Dog and Cat Vaccine Pricing:

Exam fee $40 plus individual vaccine cost:

1-year Canine Rabies Vaccine: $20.00

3-year Canine Rabies Vaccine: $30.00

Feline PUREVAX 1-year Rabies Vaccine: $35.00

DA2PP: $30.00

Bordatella: $25.00

Influenza: $35.00

Leptospirosis: $30.00

Lyme Disease: $38.00


For more on vaccines, click here.

Other Available Services:

FELV/FIV Test: $45.00

Heartworm Test: $30.00

Pyrantel Dewormer: $20.00

Nail Trims: $20.00

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